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27 September, 08:26

How did the Holocaust lead to the establishment of modern day Israel?

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  1. 27 September, 08:34
    The creation of Israel

    The establishment of the State of Israel would have been possible without the Holocaust due to the Zionist movement, however the reparations from the Holocaust given by West Germany gave Israel the resources necessary to survive.

    The Holocaust motivated large numbers of immigrants to move to the new country, providing the necessary population; secondly, the Holocaust enabled Israel to pressure Germany into supplying the economic base necessary to build infrastructure and support those immigrants; and finally, the Holocaust swayed world opinion so that the United Nations approved the State of Israel in 1948.

    The founders of Zionism, led by Theodore Herzl, proposed the establishment of the State of Israel. Herzl, in the latter parts of the 1800’s, started a movement among Jewish idealists to create a homeland for Jews because he felt that Jews always had been and always would be persecuted.
  2. 27 September, 08:56
    The discovery of the Holocaust created great sympathy for the Jews. Many western countries wanted to create a homeland where they ... On the other side, Israeli terrorist gangs, the 'Stern' and the 'Irgun', forced Arabs to leave their homes and flee for their lives.
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