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23 August, 23:03

Shelby has a diverse group of friends who feel disconnected from the american political system. many of them work at a customer service call center and do not feel that better opportunities are available. they are not involved in politics because they believe that the vote of working-class americans is overlooked by the upper-class leaders of society. in what historical period does shelby live?

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  1. 24 August, 00:37
    The answer would be postmodernity. This is the monetary or social state or state of society which is said to exist after innovation. A few schools of thought hold that advancement finished in the late twentieth century - in the 1980s or mid 1990s - and that it was supplanted by postmodernity, while others would stretch out innovation to cover the improvements meant by postmodernity, while some trust that innovation finished after World War II. The possibility of the post-current condition is at times portrayed as a culture stripped of its ability to work in any direct or independent state instead of the dynamic mindstate of Modernism.
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