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31 January, 09:33

Anaya decides to purchase a convertible from Jupiter Cars and tells her friend, James, about it. James cautions Anaya because his experience with Jupiter Cars had been unpleasant. Anaya still places an order with Jupiter Cars because the offer was appealing. However, Anaya is worried about the quality of the convertible and Jupiter Cars' customer service. In this case, which of the following types of expectation does Anaya demonstrate?

a. Predictive expectation

b. Normative expectation

c. Ideal expectation

d. Equitable expectation

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  1. 31 January, 11:01
    The correct answer is letter B

    The normative expectation essential to the subsistence of the social and state configuration in the face of violations of the norms, highlighting that the protection of legal assets is a merely mediated result of the function of the penalty of ensuring the validity of the norm.

    Normative expectations arise from the fact that people, in the social world (social environment), are bound by norms (laws) and expect (hence expectations) that their conduct is in accordance with those norms. In other words, the rules of social coexistence when imposed by law, denote that the members of a certain society value it so much that they elevated it to that category (to be the object of a law).
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