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20 July, 20:08

Acting as the team leader during a resuscitation event, you use all available resources (including people, equipment and procedures) to promote effective and efficient teamwork and reduce the likelihood of human error. You are demonstrating which skill?

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  1. 20 July, 21:38
    Answer: Crew Resource Management


    Crew Resource Management is the training and practice session provided to crew members of aviation center. In this process, methods equipment, steps etc are instructed to crew members so that they can make efficient decisions, perform team work, manage issue etc in case of emergency.

    They are trained particularly to avoid any human error during situation as it might lead to non-manageable and damaging effects.

    According to the question, crew resource management is demonstrated through skills presented by person as he is promoting effective teamwork, efficient strategies and method and equipment to reduce human error causing damage.
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