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13 June, 03:19

After careful observation, Dylan has stated a hypothesis that spending money on other people leads to greater happiness than spending money on oneself. In accordance with the scientific method, which of the following steps is Dylan most likely to take next?

He will evaluate the results of his experiment.

He will examine the prediction through empirical research.

He will conclude whether spending money on others can be a strong predictor of happiness.

He will publish the experimental results in a reputable journal.

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  1. 13 June, 04:54
    He will examine the prediction through empirical empirical research.


    Empirical research is used as a means of obtaining data through indirect or direct observation or experiencing whats being discussed in the research. The research is entirely based on actual experiences and feelings rather than the theories introduced in the past. As long as Dylan's case is concerned, he is most likely to experience and observe the happiness by spending money on others.
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