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Leadership as a concept goes hand in hand with responsibilities. How true is this assertion? Can we have one without the other? Critically discuss your answer.

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  1. 4 April, 13:04
    Leadership styles are based on how the leader relater with people both inside and outside the organization, and how they view themselves before others to a more significant extent. Ultimately, there can be leaders who do not have responsibility.

    For instance, in Venezuela, the country has rogue leaders who make people flee from their land. Therefore, leadership should go together with the intended target that all leaders from every country should implement. This will ensure countries have good leaders who will protect them and guide them without threats.
  2. 4 April, 14:13
    Lamentably, we can we can have leadership without responsability. Look what is happening in Venezuela in which an irresponsible leader is making people run away from their country. However, the concept that leadership goes hand in hand with responsibilities is an ideal target to which people in all the countries should apply. What would have happened if many bad rulers had been sacked applying this concept. I think the world would have been better for everyone.
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