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15 December, 13:34

Which of the following religious groups were the authors of the Maryland Act of Toleration trying to protect?

a. Jews

b. Puritans

c. Quakers

d. Roman Catholics

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  1. 15 December, 15:33
    The correct answer is: D) Roman Catholics


    After the formation of the Maryland Colony many pilgrims has settled in the land professing to different denominations of Christianity. While many early settlers were Catholics, the new immigrants from England including the followers of the Church of England and the Puritans soon became the majority.

    Soon, tensions grew among different parties and many Catholics were even asked to practice in secrecy.

    However, Cecil Calvert, the first proprietor of Maryland had long called for peace and tolerance in the region.

    Eventually, the Maryland Toleration Act was passed on the 12th of April 1649 in order to protect the rights of everyone who believed in Jesus Christ.
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