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29 March, 08:38

A retail store worker reciting a script when interacting with customers is an example of which principle of McDonaldization identified by Ritzer? a. Priority on quality b. Efficiency c. Calculability d. Predictability

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  1. 29 March, 09:43
    Option d, Predictability


    George Ritzer is a sociologists developed the principle of McDonaldization in 1993 in his book 'The McDonaldization of Society'. These principles are characteristics of McDonald's and other fast-food restaurants. Ritzer identifies four principles:

    Predictability Calculability Efficiency Control

    Predictability is the prediction of food menu. Food menu is same through out the stores of same restaurant. Building, decorations and uniforms are also the same through out the stores.

    So, among the given options, predictability is the correct option.
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