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For many years, Yalesville tried to solve the drug problems in its city by increasing the police force and trying to arrest more individual perpetrators. There seemed to be little change in the problems associated with the drug culture. Then Mayor Francis was voted in and he shifted the focus from arrests to creating social programs that would develop more economic opportunities and strengthen the neighborhoods of Yalesville. It could be argued that Mayor Francis used what perspective to evaluate social problems and enact social change?

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  1. 26 August, 22:16
    Answer: Sociological imagination

    Explanation:According to Wright Mills this process encourages one to think out of the box, think of something different or away from your normal routine in order to have a fresh perspective. He challenges one to look at what is the link between their experience and the society in which they live.

    This allows a person to look at their action and how those actions impact the surrounding society.

    Instead of putting criminals in prison the new mayor gave them something positive to do in the society, have activities to do which takes away their focus on committing criminal activities.
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