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How has ""classical"" music influenced ""folk"" music style and performance and vice versa?

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    There is a mutual influence between classical and folk music. Classical composers were inspired by the Folk and introduced its themes in their works by cultivating folk themes among wider public, and doing so, they added a uniqueness to their works. The folk music was influenced by classical in way that the masterpieces of classical music made simple themes which referred to a certain nation a wordly-known ones.


    Classical composers used folk themes and traditional music of the country which they originated from. By doing so, they introduced their traditional themes to the world. The simple folk themes now turned into wordly-known masterpieces. The themes of peasants and ordinary people now sound in a more refined and enrichened way. On the other hand, folk added a uniqueness into the works of classical composers. The composers gave folk themes a form, shape and this integration made their music simple and sophisticated at one and the same time. That is, the folk themes were always dare since they are traditional, but now they sounded in a more professional and artistic way, so being recognised internationally. The examples are: Hungarian Rapsodies by F. Lizst., Mazurkas and Polonaises by F. Chopin, Concerto for piano by P. Tchaikowsky
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