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8 November, 19:53

List 10 long term effects of alcohol abuse

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  1. 8 November, 21:16
    1.) You can have liver disease.

    2.) Damage your central nervous system.

    3.) You can also damage your peripheral nervous system

    4.) You can risk becoming an alcoholic.

    5.) Chronic pancreatitis

    6.) Increase of malnutrition.

    7.) Cancer

    8.) Can damage almost every organ in their body.

    9.) Fetal damage.

    10.) Can also have heart disease or liver disease.

    These are long term effects of alcohol abuse.
  2. 8 November, 21:35
    Liver disease - cirrhosis & hepatitis



    Damage to central nervous system

    High risk of diabetics

    Fetal alcohol syndrome for pregnant moms

    Increase of bad cholesterol HDL which causes heart attack

    Can have fatal Gastrointestinal bleed


    Alcohol Cardiomyopathy
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