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10 December, 13:50

Describe volcanic-atmosphere hypothesis

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  1. 10 December, 15:02
    It is assumed that the context of the hypothesis request is related to the origin of life, OoL, Volcanoes emit gases, dust and minerals at elevated temperatures that produce movement and chemical interaction of minerals, water, gases and compounds emitted. These minerals, water, and gas are considered important to produce the biochemical assembly of compounds into molecules for the OoL. The volcanic thermal energy release is a key ingredient in stimulating chemical reactions as well as dissipating the chemicals and gases, some of which was considered to have deposited in small ponds, based on Darwinian mythology in amounts and concentrations conducive to biochemical assembly capable of OoL production ...

    In the atmosphere volcanic emissions have been considered possibly viable to support the Oparin-Haldane theory, which proposed the emission of biochemically rich gases that utilized volcanic, solar and atmospheric energy sources to precipitate biochemical molecules that led to a prebiotic soup of compounds that eventually led to the OoL.
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