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23 December, 21:03

A species of fly has two alleles for the length of their legs. The allele for long

legs is dominant, and is represented by p. The allele for short legs is

recessive, and is represented by q. If 12 of 100 organisms have short legs,

what is p?

p + 2pq+q=1

O A. 0.35

OB. 0.98

O C. 0.12

O D. 0.65

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  1. 23 December, 21:25
    According to Hardy Weinberg law (p+q) 2=1 where p is fequency of one allele and q is the frequency of another allele.

    According the question

    q represent the short legs and 33 of 100 organism have short legs.

    As a result the frequency of q with respect to the 100 organism is 33/100


    Therefore q=0.33

    we all know that

    (p+q) 2=1

    ∴ p+q = 1

    ∴ p=1-q

    p = 1-0.33


    The frequency of p is 0.67
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