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10 December, 08:03

What is meant by suggesting that Earth's oceans are connected?

A. All ocean water came from a single comet that broke into five large pieces.

B. All of the crustal plates underlying the ocean share a border with each other.

C. Water can flow through all five oceans without having to cross a barrier.

D. Water from separate oceans mixes when it flows underneath the continents.

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  1. 10 December, 08:24
    C seems like the answer because at the end of South America, there's nothing blocking the two oceans there from connecting. All of the oceans are connected together. They're just different because of where they are and the conditions of that area of earth.

    I dont' think water flows under the continents either so D doesn't sound right at all. A is just beyond logical because there's no way that has anything to do with how the oceans are connected to each other. B MAY be the answer but I'm leaning more towards C.
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