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16 April, 14:10

When did stem cell research become known? Who discovered stem cells? What experiments or studies have been conducted so far?

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  1. 16 April, 16:03
    Stem cell research have been regularly introduced in the House and Senate since 2009, Dr. James Till and Ernset McCulloch, these are some of the treatments

    1. Stem Cells are being tested to determine if they can be cultured (grown) in a petri dish so that only a small amount of stem cells can be used to make many stem cells.

    2. Stem Cells are being used to re-grow or assist in the development of certain organs. For example, the redevelopment of the islet of langerhans have been attempted with some success so that diabetic patient no longer have to take insulin.

    3. Stem Cells are being used in an attempt to re-grow aspects of a damaged heart muscle (which ordinarily can’t be replaced). If successful, this will mean that people who have suffered a heart attack (and in doing so damaged heart muscle) will be able to have lost heart muscle regrown/redeveloped.
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