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3 February, 16:38

What is the explanation of why producers are always found at the lowest trophies level

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  1. 3 February, 18:25
    producers are found at the bottom of every food pyramid because the base of the pyramid is the largest and it signifies the most energy. producers harnest the most energy compared to any other organism in an ecosystem.

    for example lets say that grass has 10,000 kilocalories,

    grasshopers have 1,000 kilocalories,

    frogs have 100 kilocalories,

    snakes have 10 kilocalories.

    - the less kilocalories you have the less energy you have and the more you need to consume.

    -kilocalories are a unit of energy.

    tertiary consumers

    secondary consumers

    primary consumers


    -the higher you go up the less energy you have
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