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14 December, 00:21

Investigators have been called to a crime scene at a farm. A dead body has been found partially buried in a field. There are wide tire tracks leading to the site, and they find that a shovel was dropped about 10 feet away. There is no blood at the scene, so the investigators believe the victim was killed elsewhere. If their task is to determine how the victim came to be in the field, what would be the best thing for the investigators to research right now? A. The brand of the shovel and where it is sold B. What the farmer's alibi was for the time of death C. What type of tires made the tracks found at the scene D. Why the victim is only partially buried in the field

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  1. 14 December, 01:36
    Not the Answer:

    The answer was not the brand of the shovel and where it is sold.


    That was not the answer. The only reason I say this is so that others don't make the same mistake.
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