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28 March, 09:19

After a tragic event in which an armed intruder storms into a mall and fatally shoots several people, the city of Belmonte institutes a law that prohibits any form of weapon in public retail establishments. This reaction would be an example of following which school of jurisprudential thought? (A) Legal Realism (B) Irrational Forces (C) Natural Law (D) Historical (E) Sociological

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  1. 28 March, 10:39
    B. Irrational Forces


    Irrational Forces -

    It refers to some unnatural or unforeseen condition, which may hamper the brains of the people, is referred to as irrational forces.

    They are basically some uninvited conditions.

    For example, any argument or any activity may result the person unhappy, annoyed or angry.

    Similarly, from the question,

    The tragic event, left the people very astonished and scared, is an example of the irrational forces.
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