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21 July, 01:54

Market segmentation is

a. breaking down a large, heterogeneous market into submarkets that are more homogeneous.

b. aggregating small, homogeneous submarkets into a large, homogeneous market.

c. creating a perceived difference in the mind of the consumer between the advertiser's brand and competitors' brands.

d. identifying a competitive niche the brand will occupy.

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  1. 21 July, 03:41
    Answer: Option (a) is correct.


    Correct Option: Breaking down a large, heterogeneous market into sub markets that are more homogeneous.

    Market segmentation is a process or procedure for dividing a large consumer market into sub markets or sub groups and this segmentation is on the basis of consumer's characteristics such as needs, location, interests.

    It creates an advantage for the marketer because these market segments makes the job of marketers easier. It also reduce the risk of unsuccessful and unwanted marketer campaigns.
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