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22 August, 19:45

Which analogy best represents the relationship between jobs and careers?

A career is like "a muffin or a cookie," and a job is like "baked goods."

A career is like "tools," and a job is like "a hammer or a screwdriver."

A career is like "a building block," and a job is like "a castle or a tower."

A career is like "a speedboat or a powerboat," and a job is like "a sailboat."

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  1. 22 August, 19:59
    I would say a career is like tools and a job is like a hammer and a screwdriver. In other words, a career is a broader focus say on the whole range of tools rather than on finishing a small task or perhaps repetitive same tasks. A career is a way of life which ideally someone follows with a passion whereas a job is just for making money to survive with.
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