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24 August, 12:21

In your own words, briefly describe the benefit of each type of alert below: a. Low Balance b. Mobile Deposit c. Unusual Activity 2. While all three of the alerts are highly recommended, which one do YOU think is MOST important

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  1. 24 August, 12:58
    a. Low Balance: You can set up your bank account for this alert on a threshold which you want to make. This alert inform you about the low balance in your bank account when it touches to the threshold you set up that may be any amount for example 50$ or 500$ or 1000$ so that you know that you shouldn't. It facilitate you to safe from the expenses like OD etc.

    b. Mobile Deposit. You always receive a text message whenever you used your smartphone to deposit the check with it. It may be act as a receipt for the check submission while using with your smartphone. It also provide you a facilitation when the check is cleared and deposit received in your bank account

    c. Unusual Activity. This type of alert message received while bank detects an unusual activity which could be fraud etc. For example the transactions which are made unusual and which may not be your regular activity with your account. It could also occur when your account transaction has been made outside of your normal living etc area


    The most important type of alert would be the Unusual Activity as it involves the risk more that other two alerts.
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