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1 February, 05:00

Swift Company manufactures two different bicycle models. Swift produces a high volume of products using standardized production runs and does very little product customization. Swift uses what type of technology structure?

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  1. 1 February, 06:08
    Mass production


    Mass production -

    It refers to the practice of manufacturing huge quantities of some standard products by using the automation technology, is referred to as mass production, the method involved production of similar units in a very efficient manner.

    It is also known as serial production, series production, flow production, repetitive flow production and flow production.

    The method involves lesser innovation or new features rather only focus on the quantity to be produced.

    Hence, from the given scenario of the question,

    Swift too only tries o manufacture in bulk and thereby ignores adding any new feature or product customization.

    Therefore, the correct answer is mass production.
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