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29 August, 23:58

What is the combination of

Cu (s) + S (s)

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  1. 30 August, 01:46
    Let us see the combination reaction


    Combination reaction

    It is a reaction in which some substances or reactants combine to form a single substance or we can all it as single product.

    Like : A + B - -> C+D

    This combination can be between a element and a element like:

    H₂ + O₂--> H₂O

    It can be between element and a compound like:

    SO₂ + O₂---> SO₃

    It can be between a compound and a compound like:

    H₂O + CO₂---> H₂CO₃

    In the above asked question, the combination is between Cu and a sulphur that is element and a element that is:

    Cu + S - --> CuS

    (copper sulphide)
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