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23 December, 09:16

Which of the following so not an indication of a chemical change? Gas production, energy transfer, fracture formation, Precipitate information

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  1. 23 December, 11:06
    The option C is the correct option.


    Chemical change is described as reaction that involves the reaction between two or more atom which can be combination of atoms or break down of bonds in atoms.

    Gas production, precipitate formation and energy transfer somehow involves the reaction between atoms (chemical change).

    But in case of fracture formation which is a rupture in a rock or bone does not involve a chemical change.
  2. 23 December, 11:08
    The correct answer is fracture formation.

    Fracture formation is not an indication of a chemical change.

    Gas production, energy transfer are Precipitate information indications of a chemical change.

    A chemical change is an irreversible process wherein there are rearrangements of the atoms in the molecules of a compound, resulting in the formation of a new compound with new chemical properties or composition.

    A fracture is a fault line that divides rocks into two or more pieces. A fracture is a geological formation. Fracture is most often seen as crevice or deep fissures in rocks.
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