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5 April, 01:10

I know that a positively charged electron is called a positron, but is there such thing as a negatively charged proton?

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  1. 5 April, 01:56
    A positivey charged subatomic ion is a proton which is in the nucleus

    A negitively charged subatomic ion is an electon which is found outside the nucleus in the electron cloud

    A neutral subatomic ion is a neutron which is also in the nucleus
  2. 5 April, 02:38
    There is no such thing as a negatively charged proton


    A positively charged particle inside the atom is called a proton. and a negatively charged particle is called electron. Both the particles have same charged magnitude but their effect is different. Electron behaves negatively while proton positively. There are many subatomic particles. A positron is the anti-particle of an electron. It has the same mass as the electron, but a positive charge. But there is no such thing as a negatively charged proton.
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