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2 April, 06:50

Besides water, what is the product of a Neutalization Reaction between HBr and CsOH?

a. HCS

b. BrCs

c. BrOH

d. CsBr

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  1. 2 April, 07:16
    The answer to your question is the letter d. CsBr



    HBr reacts with CsOH

    A neutralization reaction occurs between an acid and a base and the products will always be water and a binary salt.

    In this reaction, the acid is HBr and the base is CsOH, then the products will be water and Cesium bromide.

    Balanced chemical reaction

    HBr + CsOH ⇒ CsBr + H₂O
  2. 2 April, 08:33
    I don't know dawg but I'm just answering this so I can complete the steps good luck tho
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