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9 June, 03:49

A. Sodium reacts with oxygen to produce sodium oxide as described by the balanced equation below. If 54.1g of sodium reacts with excess oxygen gas to produce 61.8g of sodium oxide, what is the percent yield? Show all work. (hint: be sure to calculate theoretical yield first)

4Na + O2 - - > 2Na2O

B. Calculate the number of molecules of hydrogen that are required to completely react with 75.9L of oxygen at STP. The product of this reaction is water. Show all work including balanced equation.

C. Sodium and water react according to the following equation. If 31.5g of sodium are added to excess water, how many liters of hydrogen gas are formed at STP? Show all work for credit.

2Na + 2H2O  2NaOH + H2

D. What is the maximum amount of water (in grams) that can be produced given 4 moles of hydrogen and 4 moles of oxygen? Show work.

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