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9 December, 03:46

Sam prepares a solution of sodium chloride with a concentration of 8 g/dm³. If he only used 2g of sodium chloride, what volume of water did he dissolve it in, in cm³?

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  1. 9 December, 04:57
    The volume of water he dissolved the solute is 250 cubic centimeter.


    Concentration = mass of solute in g / volume in dm^3

    The concentration of a solution is defined as the ratio of mass of solute in grams to the volume of water in dm^3.

    If concentration of a solution = 8 g/dm^3.

    mass of solute = 2 g.

    Volume of a water = 2 / 8 = 0.25 dm^3. (or) 250 cubic centimeter.
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