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Types of relationships include aggregation, composition, link, generalization, and specialization 9. TRUE FALSE

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  1. 28 August, 17:43
    Answer: True


    Yes, the given statement is true as, aggregation, link, composition, specialization are all include as types of relationship.

    Aggregation: It is the type of relationship in which one object basically contain another object then it is said to be aggregation. It is also known as has-a relationship.

    Composition: It is one of the special case of the aggregation. When one object contain another object in more specific form without any existence of the container object then, it is known as composition.

    Link: Link relationship is defined as the relation between the destination and the source.

    Generalization: It is the relationship which is basically used to specify the generalization class. It is also known as "Is-a" relationship.

    Specialization: It is process of combining two and more existing classes and also permit two elements of the same type in the given relationship.
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