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25 December, 14:33

A software company assesses its developers more on their client support skills rather than their development skills. Which of the following terms would best describe the software company's performance management process?

A. Deficient

B. Contaminated

C. Unreliable

D. Inconsistent

E. Unspecified

Answers (1)
  1. 25 December, 16:33
    B. Contaminated


    Based on the information provided regarding the scenario it seems that the software company's performance management process can be best described as contaminated. This occurs when the criterion of measurement for the employee performance includes aspects of performance that are not part of the job. Which in this case the main role of the employees is to apply their development skills in order to improve the software and not focus on their client support skills, but instead the "client support skills" is what the company is basing their performance review on.
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