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A U. S. social security number consists of a string of 9 digits, such as "444422333". Declare a char array named ssn suitable for storing a social security number as a C-string, and write a statement that reads in the next 9 characters of standard input into this array. (Assume that the input consists of one big sequence of digits without spaces or newlines.)

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  1. 23 December, 17:50
    Since the question expect us to declare a C-string, the solution code is written in C as follows:

    char ssn[9]; scanf ("%s", ssn);


    A C-String is a string written in C language. It is an array of characters. To declare a C-string, we use the keyword, char and then followed with the variable name + brackets and the number of characters in the string. For example, we can create a C-String for the SSN number as in Line 1.

    To read standard input into the array, we can use C built-in function, scanf (). Just include a string placeholder, %s, and the variable ssn as arguments to scanf (). This will assign the string input by user to variable ssn as C-String.
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