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24 August, 12:23

The authors of Text 1 and Text 2 have different ideas about

after-school and summer jobs. What does the author of Text 2


Text 1 Author

Text 1 Author

Text 2 Author

Since most teens

will have unrelated

careers, working in

Service jobs will not

prepare them to

succeed later on

Although they w

Although working

Although many

teens work some

that the

held teens team

Although teens

may not need the

money from ob

they could be

deving the


Answers (2)
  1. 24 August, 13:00
    Although they will work in many fields, teens learn useful skills in the jobs they hold as youths.
  2. 24 August, 13:31
    Answer: teenagers will work

    Explanation: teenagers will work during school hours after school and summer job that also train in early training programs
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