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24 August, 12:53

Which of the following is a technique for effective communication?

a. use witticisms in conversation to keep it engaging

b. keep eye contact at a minimum

c. check for comprehension and accuracy

d. use a sophisticated vocabulary

Answers (2)
  1. 24 August, 13:18
    The correct answer is C. Check for comprehension and accuracy


    Effective communication occurs as all individuals participating in communication can express their ideas and be understood by others as well as able to respond to others' participation. This implies the communication flows and it is transparent due to this it is recommended to use direct language, transparent language, keep eye contact and also check for comprehension and accuracy as in this way participants can guarantee they cleary understanding the ideas of other people and they can follow communication appropriately. Thus, one a technique for effective communication is to check for comprehension and accuracy.
  2. 24 August, 14:04
    Answer choice C. if the person can't understand you, or is being given inaccurate information. that means you're communicating ineffectively.
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