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2 April, 15:06

Read the excerpt below and answer the question.

On every bookstall, in every magazine, you may find works telling people how to succeed. They are books

showing men how to succeed in everything; they are written by men who cannot even succeed in writing

books. ("The Fallacy of Success," p. 1)

The above quote of Chesterton is an example of a (n)





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  1. 2 April, 16:56
    Answer: The above quote of Chesterton is an example of a (n) paradox


    A paradox is a self-contradictory statement. Although it might give valid reasons for a particular claim, it eventually leads to a logically unacceptable conclusion. The conclusion seems absurd, but expresses a possible truth. In this example, the same men who write about success are those that are not successful even in writing books. An allegory is a literary device in which a broader message is given either in prose or verse. A parable is a story which teaches us a moral/spiritual lesson (for instance, a story by Jesus from the Gospels) A metaphor is a reference to one thing by mentioning another.
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