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What is the great fats by about

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  1. 17 August, 11:35
    F. Scott Fitzgerald's literary masterpiece The Great Gatsby is a short work revered not only as a classic vignette of the Jazz Age but also as a story that delves deep into the core of what it is to be human. The novel's moral is that the appearance of affluence can belie an undercurrent of true despair, that although at first glance another person may appear to have succeeded in life, they may have spent it oblivious to life's true meaning. This ominous contrast is shown by Fitzgerald's lavish illustrations of wealth and carefree living, the carelessness of the central figures, and Gatsby's fruitless search for idealized love.

    Now this may sound like I copied it straight from Google, but fear not. This is my own work, taken from an essay I wrote from English class that I think summarizes the key themes of The Great Gatsby.
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