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25 December, 20:45

four limitations of professional and ethical standards. List and discuss those four limitations. with link cited

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  1. 25 December, 22:19
    A professional code of ethics and standards are mainly a group of rules and regulations, specifically designed by an organization or company so their employees or anyone associated with the company can follow, when conducting business or any other form of interaction with clients.

    They are limitations when following these sets of established rules. 1) Smaller Profits: Business men can be very restricted about obtaining the highest possible earnings for the company, because they have to focus on having the best choice for the client. 2) Wasted Time: Usually a professional code of ethics can influence you to spend time in an inefficient manner, because you have to concentrate in building a good relation with clients, and other coworkers instead of concentrating on making money. 3) Bad Performance: Again, a code of ethics puts more emphasis on having a lot of respect for your fellow employees rather than respecting performance. 4) Unattainable Goals: Finally, having a code of ethics can substantially increase the general public's views and expectations of the organization or company standards to an unreachable level.
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