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11 October, 04:32

Write a letter to your parents persuading them to install an air condition unit in your house so that you won't have trouble sleeping at night remember to use your persuasive words After you have finished your letter present your arguments to your parents

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  1. 11 October, 06:27
    16 Palm Grove Drive


    6th June, 2020

    Dear Dad,

    I hope you are doing good, You have always been a good father to me and Brook. I know you have our best interests at heart so i'm writing to you concerning a serious issue.

    The heatwave since we entered summer this year has been unbearable in the house and as a result i find it difficult to sleep or study because i am always uncomfortable. This has begun to affect my studies as i noticed i started having shorter attention spans and i find it more difficult to understand much in class.

    I believe if we can get an air conditioner and install in the house, all these problems would become a thing of the past and we can return to being comfortable. I love you dad.

    Your son,

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