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29 January, 02:08

One thing that is causing increased pressures on the Ogallala Aquifer is the tendency of farmers to plant crops that require even more water than usual. Which of the following are "thirsty" crops that farmers have started planting? Select one: a. Cashews and Pecans b. Almonds and Grapes c. Grapes and Cranberries d. Cashews and Almonds

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  1. 29 January, 03:28
    d. Cashews and Almonds


    The Ogallala Aquifer is an enormous aquifer located in the southwestern part of the United States. Despite having enormous amount of water, this aquifer is facing serious problems and its water levels are constantly going down. The main reason for this is the agriculture, or rather the type of plants that are planted in the region. The region is relatively dry, so instead of choosing plants that are suitable to the dry conditions, the farmers opted for the plants that are highly profitable, but demand lot of water. Some of these plants are the almonds and cashews, both of which demand lot of water, and on top of it, being grown in much warmer and drier conditions, means that they require even more water than usual.
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