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2 April, 14:27

what impact could choosing one side over the other have on you? write a journal entry that makes predictions about what it might mean to join the confederacy based on pros and cons. What are some concerns you have? How my character of Henry be feeling about the uncertainty of the future?

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  1. 2 April, 15:09
    (The confederacy version)

    Joining the Confederacy would mean I wouldn't have to face my family or many friends in battle. It would be an easier decision because I could remain loyal to my state and my fellow Virginians. If the Confederacy wins the war, I don't know how the country will continue. Will we be a new country? Involuntary servitude will continue to be a part of the culture if the South wins.

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  2. 2 April, 15:59
    Joining the Union would cause problems between me and my family, as well as between me and many of my friends. It could mean I have to face them in battle, which would be difficult. Will they consider me a traitor? If the Union wins the war, what will happen to Virginia? What will happen to my friends and family on the Confederate side? Will they be labeled as traitors? Involuntary servitude certainly will be abolished, but states' rights might become even more limited. The Union will be preserved, but will it be strong or weak?
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