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25 December, 02:48

What was the main reason a socialist government imposes high taxes on the wealthy, provides free higher education, and sets up welfare programs for poor people

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  1. 25 December, 04:27
    The Socialist Governments have Marxist ideology, which preaches the idea about a classless society. Marxism forms the make up of extreme left political parties and socialist/communist governments. Socialist governments believe in shared wealth and oppose privatisation. They believe that the ruling class are born with economic and educational advantages. Socialist leaders and governments intend to end such a class division. Their mantra is to enrich everybody's life so everyone has an equal chance to succeed. For example, in the past, in the UK, the Labour Government introduced many schemes to poorer areas, such as free school meals and extra curricular activities at a reduced cost, to better the lives of financially deprived children.
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