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24 August, 05:13

What does the graph suggest about the predicted effectiveness of chinas population control methods compared to indias?

-The policies are equally effective

-Chinas policy is more effective

-Indias policy is more effective

- Both policies are equally ineffective

The answer is "Chinas policy is more effective", just took it

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  1. 24 August, 05:27
    Option B


    China and India has the highest percentage of human population in the world, they both constitute about thirty six percentage of the world's population (1.42 billion and 1.35 billion respectively). To control the exponential growth in population Chinese government, in 1979, started a radical "one child per family policy" a population control law which was estimated to have prevent four million births.

    India has been been so effective it in plans for reducing her population growth unlike her counterpart.

    China's population policy was more effective because of the following: Providing free access to birth control, health, pension and employment benefits for one child families and there is a social pressure for families to have no more than one child.
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