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What is the legend of silk in 3000 bce

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    Lady Hsi-Ling-Shihe or Lei Zu - a chinese empress who practically founded silk in 3000 BC.


    During 3000 BC, a cocoon of silkworm fell into the tea of Leizu who was a Chinese empress or wife of mythical Yellow Emperor. Instead of pouring that tea aside she wanted to take that cocoon out of the tea.

    So she shared unrolling the tread that surrounded the cocoon. Later she had the idea of using to weave something so she kept that thread herself. Then she asked her husband to raise silkworms (called sericulture in these days).

    And she is known as the silk goddess in Chinese history. Sericulture also started spreading around foreign countries and become popular all over the world during the 1st century's (AD) early period.
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