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7 June, 02:57

What was the name of the conflict between Europeans and Native Americans over land use and ownership? A) The Yemassee War B) The Stono Rebellion C) The Charleston Revolution Eliminate D) The South Carolina Rebellion

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  1. 7 June, 03:22
    The name of this conflict was A) The Yamasee (or Yemassee) War. This war, which took place between 1715 and 1717, was a conflict between English settlers and the Yamasee Indians, who, after being expelled from their homeland in present-day northern Florida and southern Georgia, had settled in the area that would become South Carolina. The relationship between the Native Americans and the white settlers was cordial at first, but it gradually deteriorated, specially when the former were progressively deprived of land and unable to pay off a debt, and the latter enslaved a group of Yamasee women and children in retaliation. Assisted by other tribes, the Native Americans destroyed part of the white settlement and killed hundreds of colonists and heads of livestock, but when the Cherokee Indians surprisingly sided with the white settlers the Yamasee Indians were forcefully pushed back into Florida, where they were almost completely destroyed.
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