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20 April, 02:13

What is the purpose of state appellate courts?

A: They verify that lower state courts have acted appropriately

B: They create new laws requested by voters

C: They allow the accused to bypass lower courts and grand juries

D: They retry cases and allow criminals a second chance to plead innocence

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  1. 20 April, 03:57
    Trial CourtAppellate Court Federal trial courts are called district courts. Federal appellate courts are called courts of appeals. Cases can be further appealed to the U. S. Supreme Court. Cases are heard for the first time in a trial court. If either party disagrees with the decision in the trial court, they can appeal, asking a higher court to review the decision. Cases only affect the people involved with the case. The outcome of appeals cases have the potential to affect large numbers of people, because these decisions are binding on district courts within the circuit. The two sides present evidence and witnesses, and either a judge or a jury makes a decision based on the evidence presented. No new evidence is presented, the judge (s) simply review the materials from the original trial and determine whether the lower court made the correct legal decision.
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