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19 April, 22:43

5. What did the Aztecs do to increase the

acreage of land they could use for


A. They land-filled Lake Texcoco.

B. They built stepped pyramids and grew

crops on each layer.

C. They leased unused land from the

neighboring tribes.

D. All of the above

Answers (2)
  1. 19 April, 23:01
    A. They land-filled Lake Texcoco.


    Aztecs built many artificial islands in shallow Lake Texcoco, the so-called "chinampas" which esentially were small, rectangular areas where they grew corn and other crops there.
  2. 19 April, 23:11


    its really easy if you think of the movie

    and just put a five minute thought about it

    write everything you know about those Indians down then eventually you will find your answer
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