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26 August, 11:32

What did Christian humanists and Italian humanists have in common? Check all that apply.

Both believed in the importance of the individual.

Both advocated the study of classical thought.

Both rejected religious ideas in favor of secular ones.

Both argued that biblical principles could solve humanity's problems.

Answers (2)
  1. 26 August, 11:47
    The correct answer would be number 2

    Christian humanism also known as Northern Humanism based basically on socially oriented and religious grounds while Italian humanism based on individual and secular (non religious) grounds

    On the other hand, both philosophies have their roots on classical thought, which means from Greco-Roman sources of thought.

    Example given:

    "The Prince": A written work from Italian Humanism based on Roman thought which basically instructs the reader in how to be an effective leader/prince being this an individual aim and secular being implied that a prince must fight wars, scheme and do whatever it takes to reach and stay in power.

    "Utopia": Written work from the opposite Humanism school based on Greek ideas which instructs about how to reach an Utopia (ideal place/ideal society) where moral is the key, also proposing abolition of property. Wealth being a way to corruption.
  2. 26 August, 12:05
    The answer is:

    Both believed in the importance of the individual

    Both advocated they study of classical
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