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Best describes the aftermath of pontiac's rebellion

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    Pontiac’s Rebellion was a war waged by Indians of the Great Lakes region against British rule after the French and Indian War. The Indians, who had formed alliances with the defeated French, were dissatisfied with treatment from British officials. Unlike their French allies, British officials entrusted with Indian relations refused to offer gifts to tribal leaders such as guns, gunpowder, and ammunition. Furthermore, English settlers began displacing Indians from their land. While French settlers and Indians seemed to live in relative harmony, the sheer number of English settlers that descended on the region prompted many Indians to support war. The Indians began to feel as if the British were preparing for war against them. The rebellion lasted three years, from 1763 to 1766. Much of the war’s terrible violence occurred in 1763; the remaining years were spent formulating peace treaties. The war was named after Pontiac, chief of the Ottawa tribe. Indians from many tribes including the Ottawa, Ojibwa, Shawnee, Miami, Huron, Seneca and Potawatomi participated in the uprising.

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