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27 January, 10:07

Which of the following nations achieved independence through armed rebellion? Check all that apply.

a. Burma

b. Malaysia

c. Cambodia

d. Indonesia

e. Vietnam

Answers (2)
  1. 27 January, 11:08
    C, D, and E because it is the best answer among all of them
  2. 27 January, 11:41
    The correct answer is - d. Indonesia & - e. Vietnam.

    These countries engaged in armed struggle against colonial powers that resulted in their independence after military victories. Indonesia proclaimed its independence in 1945 and the Dutch were forced to acknowledge it in 1949. Vietnam won its independence in 1954 after the First Indochina War was won against the French. The other countries (Burma, Malaysia and Cambodia) were actually able to negotiate their independence with colonial authorities and became independent without bloodshed.
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