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6 June, 23:24

Put these events in the order that they occurred (not already in order) : Labor Day becomes a legal holiday; Charles Darwin publishes his Origin of Species (survival of fittest theory); Alexander Graham Bell invents the first telephone; American Federation of Labor is founded in New York; The Knights of Labor, a big labor union of skilled and unskilled workers, formed in Philadelphia

1. Alexander graham bell invents the first telephone

2. Charles Darwin publishes his origin of species (survival of fittest theory)

3. the knights of labor, a big union of skilled and unskilled worker formed in Philadelphia

4. American federation of labor is founded in NYC

5. labor day becomes a holiday

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  1. 7 June, 01:00
    Answer and Explanation:

    Charles Darwin published his book in 1859 after hinting on it since the late 1830s

    The knight of labour was founded by Uriah Smith Stephens in 1869

    Alexander Graham invented the telephone in 1876

    American federation of labor (founded in 1886) is founded in New York after this time

    Labor Day becomes an official holiday in 1894 after being promoted by the Central Labour Union and the Knights of Labour.
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