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1. Why did Henry Hudson decide to sail for the Dutch instead of the English on his 3rd voyage?

2. On his third voyage, why did Hudson sail to North America and break his agreement with the Dutch?

3. What part of North America did Hudson explore on his third voyage?

4. Why did Hudson treat the native people he met with such harshness?

5. Why did Hudson's men lose confidence in him on his 4th voyage?

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  1. 30 August, 06:42
    1. The captain Henry Hudson attempted to the orient across the north pole during his first voyage due to the belief that constant sunshine and the warmer temperature further in north would eventually melt the ice at the poles, unfortunately for Hudson this was not true.

    For the second voyage he attempted to cross the notheast passage through the icy waters of Russia, however, he was unable to cross the passage this time as well due to weather and a mutiny from his crew.

    Hudson's failures made England as well as Russia lost interest in exploration of the north being this the main reason for captain Hudson to look for Dutch support instead.

    2. For the third voyage Hudson took the same route he had chosen for the second voyage. After a short journey and facing a possible second mutiny from his crew he decided to turn the ship around and head for North America looking for warmer climate.

    3. During this voyage Hudson explored the northeastern coast of America eventually sailing to a river near to what today is New York city.

    4. Captain Hudson and his crew distrusted the natives because of one incident in which one of the members of the crew died when a native shot an arrow through his neck during an exploration in the river.

    5. Several factors caused the lost of confidence of the men of the crew:

    Hudson insisted in bringing Robert Juet aboard, altough Juet had brought troubles and probably was the man behind the two previous mutinies

    Hudson brought another man aboard as well, Henry Greene, who proved to be more problems.

    The voyage proved to be perilous and long eventually leading the ship and the crew miles and miles south unable to go further or to return, this forcing them to spend a harsh winter in a hostile land where scurvy, lack of food, hostile natives as well as Hudson's inability to deal with them led the crew to mutiny once again.
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